Matsu Boobba

Matsu Beastmaster School 1


Air: 2 (Ref 2/Awa 3), Earth: 2 (Sta 2/Wll 2), Fire: 2 (Agl 3/Int 2), Water: 3 (Str 3/Per 3), Void: 2 (Void Points Spent: 00)

Insight 126; XP-Spent 1

Honor 5.5
Glory 1.0
Status 1.0
Taint 1.0

Initiative 3k2 (Ref + Rank)

tBHTN: 15 (Ref x5 + Armor), Reduction 3

~Katanna: 5k3 (DR 6k2)
~Yumi-3/Str: 3k2 (DR 5k2/willow leaf)

School Technique:
~The Lion’s Roar: Warriors of the Matsu School respect their Akodo cousins’ leadership skills, but they know that a furious attack often simply overwhelms an enemy. You add your Honor Rank to all damage rolls. Whenever you assume the Full Attack Stance, you may move an additional 5 feet per Turn in addition to the bonus your receive from the Stance. (This does not allow you to move farther than your maximum move per Turn.)

School Skills: ~Animal Handling-Awa 2 5k3 (Lingw), ~Battle-Per 2 5k3, ~Defense-Ref 2 4k2, Iaijutsu-Ref 1 3k2, Kenjutsu-Agl 2 5k3, ~Athletics-Str 1 4k3, ~Kyujutsu-Ref 1 3k2
Non-School Skills: Sincerity-Awa 1 3k2, Etiquette-Awa 1 3k2, Engineering-Int 1 3k2, Hunting-Per 1 4k3, Lore (Heraldry)-Int 1 3k2

~Way of the Land 2: Select the lands of one family, a major city, or some other reasonably sized region {Matsu Territory}. While you are within that region, it is not possible for you to get lost, and you know the location of any available resources to be found there.)
~Hero of the People 2: When meeting citizens of Rokugan who are not members of the samurai caste, the TN for them to recognize you, as determined by your Glory Rank, is lowered by 10.

Disadvantages: none

Equipment: Koku 3, Zeni 45; Light Armor, Sturdy Clothing, Katana, Yumi-bow, Wakizashi, Travel Pack

Background (cards):


Matsu Boobba

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