Lion Clan NPCs

NPCs for the Lion Clan


Akodo Teruo – Akodo Bushi School, Rank 3
Honor 8.5, Glory 3.5, Status 3.5
Initiative 6k3
Attack-Katana 8k3 (6k2/katana)
tBHTN: 25/heavy armor; Reduction 5 (increase all Agility/Reflex rolls by 5 TN)
School Techniques:
~The Way of the Lion: ignore armor bonus to TN or gain a Free Raise when attacking. Also, gain a bonus of +1k0 to all attacks on your first melee attack.
~Strength of Purity: add Honor rank (
8) to any single roll during your Turn, but not damage.
~Strength of My Ancestors: attack twice; simple action with Samurai weapons.
Social Skills 6k3/major, 4k2/minor
Combat Skills 8k3/major, 5k3/minor


Akodo Teruo is an Akodo bushi serving in the Imperial Army who has been on numerous tours. He is well known in the Akodo city and respected by many.

Lion Clan NPCs

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