Isawa [Tamori'] O'Yae

Isawa Shugenja School 1/Tamori Shugenja 1


Air: 2 (Ref 2/Awa 2), Earth: 3 (Sta 3/Will 3), Fire: 3 {4} (Agl 3 {4}/Int 3 {4}), Water: 2 (Str 2/Per 2), Void: 3 (Points Spent: 0)

Honor: 4.6
Glory: 4.8
Status: 3.0

Initiative: 5k2 (Ref+rank)

TN to be Hit: 15 (Armor-chain shirt 19/reduction 1)

~No-dachi 7k4 (burning kiss 8k5)
~Wakizashi 7k4 (burning kiss 8k5)
~Yumi 4k3

~No-dachi 4k4 (biting steel 6k5{+burning kiss 7k5})
~Wakizashi 3k2 (biting steel 5k3 {+burning kiss 6k3})
~Yumi-willow leaf 4k2

School Technique:
~Isawa Shugenja School 2 – Isawa’s Gift You gain a Free Raise on all Spell Casting Rolls for spells of the element which you chose as your Affinity (Fire).
~Tamori’ Shugenja School 1 – Flesh of the Elements You may expend one spell slot to store a spell you know that has the area of Effect “one target Person” or “one target creature” in a potion to be activated later. This stored spell may be activated instantly by anyone holding the potion by expending a Simple Action to drink it or a Complex Action to throw it using Athletics. These spells may be stored indefinitely, but count against your spell slots per day. Creating a potion in this manner requires a number of hours equal to the stored spell’s Mastery Level. You also gain a Free Raise on any spell with the Craft* keyword.

Skills: ~Athletics-Str 1 3k2, ~Calligraphy-Int 1 5k4, ~Defense-Ref 3 5k2, ~Divination-Int 1 5k4, ~Lore (Theology)-Int 1 5k4, ~Medicine-Int 1 5k4, ~Spellcraft-Int 3 7k4; Battle-Per 2 4k2, Commerece-Int 1 5k4, Courtier-Awa 3 5k2, Craft (weaponsmithing)-Int 1 5k4, Etiquette-Awa 3 5k2, Investigation-Per 2 4k2, Jiujutsu-Agl 1 5k4, Kenjutsu-Agl 3 7k4, Kyujutsu-Ref 1 3k2, Lore (Elements)-Int 1 5k4, Lore (Gijin Culture)-Int 1 5k4, Lore (Heraldry)-Int 1 5k4, Lore (Crane) 1 5k4, Lore (Dragon)-Int 1 5k4, Lore (Phoenix)-Int 1 5k4, Lore (Scorpion)-Int 1 5k4, Lore (Shugenja)-Int 1 5k4, Lore (Shadowlands)-Int 1 5k4, Meditation-Void 3 6k3, Sailiing-Agl 1 5k4, Sincerity-Awa 2 4k2, Tea Ceremony-Void 2 5k3, Iaijutsu-Ref 1 3k2

~Chosen by the Oracles [Spiritual] (6 points): You are selected by the Dragon (Earth) and you gain a bonus of +1k1 to the total of all Ring Rolls using that Ring (Earth).
~Enlightened [Spiritual] (6 points): When you are using Experience Points to increase your Void Ring, the total cost is decreased by 2 points each time. Dragon and monk characters may purchase this Advantage for 5 points.
~Darling of the Court-free: Tamori Kyuden (daimyo Tamori)
~Ally-free (Yasuki Tano): saved him – ship)
~Ally-free (Kitsuki family): honored family; returned daisho)
~Ally-free (Bayushi, Hurunayi): saved life at court; Crane lands) write to her at each game session and she will write back; -information

Disadvantages: see GM section

Equipment: Koku 4, Bu 4, Zeni 10 (home: koku 28, bu 10, zeni 0); Robes, Wakizashi, Yumi-bow, quiver, chain shirt (hidden TN 25), No-dachi, scroll satchel, travel pack, kimono-fine x2 (home), travel papers-Otomo (anywhere), Travel Papers-Mantis (Moshi province), Amulet of Fire (gain +1 rank Fire ring (does not affect insight) and Fire spells cast gain +1k0 on damage., Drinking Horn-gaijin

Languages: Rokugani (High/Low), Germanic (Axemen)


o Shoshuro, Niota (Yojimbo-straight forward)
o Mantis > Tarok (village) > Lady Eboshi
o Sent to Crane lands for court on behalf of Ottomo family; the
o Crane have been getting a black eye a lot lately, the court was attacked and 6 courtiers were killed (5 Crane + 1 Dragon {Togashi} courtiers)
o Ship – Chrysanthemum Blossom
o *trade ship; working for O’Yae/Otomo family
o Evidence: Crane-koku (found at battle; gaijin Norsemen-different tribe

Sex Female Age 18 yrs
Height 5 ft., 3 in. Weight 107 lbs.
Hair Black Eyes Brown
Father Tamori Shaka
Mother Tamori O’Ushi
Brothers none
Sisters none
Marital Status Single
Spouse NA
Children daughter/son (twins)

Background (cards):
Family: Her father is Shaka and her mother O’Ushi and she does not remember her grand parents.
Childhood: She grew up with her parents until the age of 10. Shortly after her 6th birthday she was playing in a small cave when it collapsed on her. Leaving her buried under tons of rock. It was then that the Oracle of Earth talked to her and told her she would be safe and that he had many plans for her. Afterwards, she did not have much use of materials things and still doesn’t, unless it is necessary for her job or survival.
Youth: She was accepted into the Tamori Shugenja School based on her father’s background (he is a Tamori shugenja). She spent her youth in the Tamori Shugenja School. She studied hard and did as she was told, but she was a spirited student who seemed to want to find a quicker route, but she managed to complete her studies. She excelled at the casting of Earth spells even more than other Tamori shugenja. Was approaching gempukku age and an old man caught her in a lie and told her “lying is more deceptive to yourself than it is to others.” It was then that she knew she would never need to mislead others with her words.
Gempukku: She went to the Tamori gempukku ceremony. There she competed in a number of different activities, but it was the spell casting competition that she excelled at. It allowed to win the competition. She competed feverously against the others and it created a passion beyond the competition. She jealously competes against others when she feels she is better especially in competitions.
Adulthood: She recently found out she is engaged to an Isawa and she is being kept in the Isawa lands until she is married. The Isawa family believes she is at risk of flight before she gets married and will continue to keep her until the marriage is commensurate.

L5R Cards
o Daigotsu Negishi – Spider Clan Samurai “These jungles hold horrors such as make the Shadowlands sound like a paradise”
o Snake Tattoo – Reaction; rivalry between Dragon and Spider monks
The rivalry between the Dragon and Spider monks is notorious throughout the lands that when Daigotsu Negishi declared vengeance against the Togashi that killed his father nobody really took notice; except the Tamori who was there when he made the blood pact with the oni thus binding his Snake Tattoo to his very soul (Snake: the Snake tattoo is among the most dangerous and sinister of all Ise Zumi tattoos, and it usually only manifests on those who have the strength of will to keep such power in check.
o Snake Tattoo: After making a successful unarmed attack, if any of your damage dice explode, your target is now stunned.)
Shinjo Eun-Sahng – Unicorn Tactician (bushi)-Soul of Shinjo Chu-Yeung; “Our Lady has returned to us. We are blessed and we will defend her with our lives and our souls.”
o Flooded Pass – battle; -Shinjo Isao
Kitsu Suki – Lion Shugenja; “They are in all things, thus all things need be honored.”
o Remember Your Ancestors – Battle; Shosuro Makiko
Yasuki Tono – Crab Merchant (courtier); We are not warriors, scouts, engineers or priests. In order to carry out shares of the Crab’s burdens, we must ensure that all our kinsmen have the funds to do as they see necessary, no matter the cost."
o Opportunistic Advance – Battle; Yoritomo Hiromi
o He’s Mine! – Reaction; duel
Tsuruchi Isas – Mantis Skirmisher (naval/samurai)-Soul of Mukami; My arrow and its perfect flight is the only thing that never strays. I will never love or trust agains. I serve my clan and that is the only thing that defines me."
o Shameful Injury – battle; -Tangen’s Lies
Shosuro Rokuta – Scorpion Courtier-Soul of Shosuro Takuro; “The Scorpion alwasy stand ready to avenge their fallen” -Bayushi?
o Governor’s Estate – Limited/Battle; Location
o Chrysanthemum Blossum – Reaction; sign of favor from the throne and the courts
o Togashi Korimi – Dragon Monk tattooed Togashi Oki; “Her manner may be pleasing and her presence welcome, but if she will not attire herself appropriately, I cannot permit her to attend services” -Asahina Yasutora
o Sacrifice of Pawns – Limited; -Furikawari? Possibly

Isawa [Tamori'] O'Yae

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