Bayushi Asano

Bayushi Courtier School


Air: 3 (Ref 3/Awa 3), Earth: 2 (Sta 2/Will 2), Fire: 3 (Agl 3/Int 3), Water: 2 (Str 2/Per 2), Void: 2 (Points Spent: __)

Honor: 2.5
Glory: 1.0
Status: 1.0
Shadowlands: 0.0

Initiative: 4k3
Attack: Wakizashi 4k3 (4k2/wakizashi)

School Technique: Your Weakness is My Strength – Contested social rolls gains a free raise for every 3 pts of Disadvantages.

~School Skills: Calligraphy-int 1 4k3, Courtier (gossip)-awa 2 5k3; Etiquette-awa 2 5k3, Investigation-per 1 3k2, Sincerity (deceit)-awa 3 6k3, Temptation-awa 1 4k3,
Non-School Skills: Lore (shadowlands)-int 1 4k3, Defense-ref 1 4k3, Stealth-agl 4k3, Lore (Heraldry)-int 1 4k3, Commerce-int 1 4k3, Kenjutsu-agl 1 4k3, Intimidate-awa 1 4k3

Advantages: Wealthy 1, Language (Low Rokugani) 1, Read Lips 4, Silent 3

Disadvantages: Hostage (Unicorn/Shinjo) 3, Greedy 3, Obligation (Unicorn/Shinjo) 3, Phobia (Nostophobia) {fear of going home} 1

Equipment: Extravegant clothes, Wakizashi, Caligraphy set, Travel Pack; koku/5


Background (cards):
Bayushi Family:
Who was bridging the gap between the Shinjo (Shinjo ????) a fearless cavalry unit (Fearless Cavalry) who is keeping me as a political prisoner. Teh calvary unit was supporting (Mutually Supporting) the Hida Calvary unit in supporting (Distracted Sentries). We must get leads from the Reserve Command to find out why Hidas unit is missing (Lost in Transit).

Bayushi Asano

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