Legend of the Five Rings 4e - Dark Prophecy RPG

S1E1 - Character Generation

On the hunt

Matsu-he is driven by his hunt, duty to find the assassin who made the attempt on a Kitsuki magistrate.

Akodo-he is motivated to prove himself as an Akodo duelist, but his odd Lion behaviours has entangled himself in the hunt.

After meeting for the first time at the market store, picking up an order of pottery for the Akodo lord, the Matsu is generous and helps out the young Akodo by helping him bring the entire order to his lord’s place (4 boxes of mugs).

In route they help out an old Doji merchant who is going there also.going to the city. They talk, a lot, and discover that the old man is delivering a sword to someone in secret, evidently the bees was polinateing someones rose garden. Both were glad to leave the never ending talking from the old man.

They follow up on a lead and discover a group of ninja are using the puppet show as their disguise and end up killing one. After a long discussion with the mysterious one behind the curtain they know that ninjas are lead by the Shoshuro family and that they use nameless eta as their assassins, but they are interrupted by the local dumb ass lion yoriki who refuse to listen to their fantasy.



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